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Careers at RENT-2-OWN

RENT-2-OWN continues to grow and we are always looking for team members to fill a variety different positions. Learn more about available positions below. Find the position that is right for you and apply today!

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Reports to Store Manager

These positions are accountable for assisting the Store Manager in attaining revenue and collection objectives, customer service and store profitability. He/she is also accountable for assisting with the daily activities of a team of employees toward established goals by operating within the policies and procedures established by the company

The Sales Manager or Collections Manager must seize every opportunity to improve sales revenue while controlling the cost of operations. The Sales Manager or Collections Manager must continually communicate to all employee’s the factors that cause a store to be successful and how each employee can impact those success factors through their daily activities. In the absence of the Store Manager, he/she must also communicate and lead the employee team by establishing and demonstrating a strong, honest, and driven work ethic worthy of the leadership position.


Reports to Store Manager/Regional Manager

This position is responsible for learning the various roles/functions of operating a profitable, efficient, and well organized RENT-2-OWN store, by way of a company designed and prepared developmental program. The goal of this program is to prepare the incumbent such that they have mastered the various skills, through exceptional performance, and have thus better positioned themselves for a Store Manager opportunity. In the absence of store management, this position may lead the employee team by establishing and demonstrating a strong, honest, and driven work ethic worthy of the leadership position.


Reports to Store Manager

This position is accountable for managing a group of customer accounts and achieving established levels of revenue and collection rates. The Account Manager consults with his/her Manager on late customers and then follows the procedures for managing the account immediately. A continuing challenge for the Account Manager is to maintain firm control over the late customers while providing a high level of customer service.

The Account Manager must manage the paperwork and computer documentation associated with the customer’s accounts and may have to deliver and retrieve products to/from the homes of our customers. The ability to perform professionally, as well as persistently, is a strong business trait found within all successful RENT-2-OWN Account Managers.


Reports to Store Manager

This position is responsible for the delivery, set up, service, and retrieval of products to and from the RENT-2-OWN customer's homes. The Delivery Specialist properly and securely load products into delivery trucks, using straps and pads to avoid damage during transit. When arriving at the customer's home, he/she must check out the premises to make sure that the product will be in a safe environment and that the product is being delivered to the proper person.

A Delivery Specialist explains the RENT-2-OWN Rental Agreement to the customer, therefore insuring the customer understands all parts of the agreement, and also explains and demonstrates all the various features and benefits of the product before leaving the home. It should be the goal of the Delivery Specialist to maintain a strong relationship with the customers in all phases of the rental process. The Delivery Specialist also contributes to his/her team by repairing, cleaning, and moving product from the stockroom to the sales floor for display.


Reports to Store Manager

The CSR must be able to effectively communicate knowledge of “The Program”, terms of the agreement, and product features/benefits while working with the customers. This position is also responsible for maximizing store revenue by utilizing communication and customer service skills which ensure customer retention.

As the first level of contact with the customer, the CSR will greet customers on the sales floor or telephone, establish a good rapport with the customer, determine the customer's needs, and then present the program and product(s) that will best satisfy the identified need. This CSR must first sell the features and benefits of the RENT-2-OWN Rental Program, then the benefits of the product ensuring the customer completely understands.

RENT-2-OWN’s commitment, as well as their own commitment to the program, product, agreement, and payment expectations. A continuing challenge of the RENT-2-OWN, Customer Sales Representative is to consistently apply professional prospecting techniques to generate new business while maintaining a high level of customer service for current customers. The CSR will solicit new business each day by following the training and prescribed methods of the company’s solicitation programs. The CSR is accountable for maintaining a clean, safe and attractive “Rent Ready” sales floor with all point of purchase material and proper price tags in place.


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