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The RENT-2-OWN Story

You'll probably be glad to know RENT-2-OWN has been around for more than two decades and two generations of family members. So rest assured, we're going to be around for many years to come.

My father started our business in 1985 on a shoestring budget, with the idea that there were a lot of great people out there who needed, and wanted, and deserved, a new way to get nice stuff for their home or business…without interest charges, hidden fees, or other not-so-good things that other rent to own companies out there feel are necessary.

And it has worked!

Many years later, we are now a still-growing company with 33 locations, and over 300 employees serving more than 17,000 customers. People come to us for help, and leave our stores with a smile. Our customers also come back again and again, knowing they will always get the best prices and the BEST SERVICE around!

Michael D. Tissot

Meet Our People

Our Mission Is Simple: We Help Nice Folks Get Nice Stuff

How Has RENT-2-OWN
Become A Leader?

Hire great,
friendly people
Offer nice product that
can be rented at the
best rates
Give customers every
shot at ownership
Provide above and
beyond customer
Build a company that
can serve customers
and employees for
the long term