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Troy-Bilt self-propelled bagger push mower
Troy-Bilt self-propelled bagger push mower
$20/per week

Yes! You Are Approved!

New credit, bad credit, no credit - it doesn't matter, you're approved!

At Rent-2-Own, your credit history
is none of our business!

We want all of our customers to enjoy the numerous benefits of renting to own their great stuff. Our customers come from all walks of life and unlike most other rental stores, we don't do credit checks, have no interest rates or apply hidden fees, you always know what you will pay before you walk out the door.

There are lots reasons why our customers prefer the no credit check route. Some do not have an established credit file yet. Some may have bad credit. And others are simply not interested in using credit at all. We also offer 120 days same as cash. For any number of reasons, renting to own is a great option to consider! There's never a need to deal with credit checks, approval waiting periods, high interest rates or other various types of red tape, just to get the great stuff for your home that you want!

We can provide you numerous financial benefits when you choose to rent from Rent-2-Own. Not only do we not require credit checks but we also offer flexible payment plans that allow you to pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. There is no more worrying about your interest rate increasing in the future, because there is no interest! By providing a few simple items on your application, we skip the hassles of credit checks altogether. Lastly, you have the opportunity to own great new stuff at the end of your rental term.

At Rent-2-Own, we believe that everyone should be able to have the great stuff they want for their home, no matter their financial situation. Name-brand smart phones like Apple and Samsung; furniture from popular brands like Ashley and Coaster; gaming devices like Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox; electronics from LG and HP; appliances from reliable brands such as General Electric and Whirlpool, and more can all be yours today, just stop in to your nearest Rent-2-Own and pick one out- it's really that simple! Stop in today and see what Rent-2-Own has for you!

Stop in today and see what
Rent-2-Own has for you!

Never needing to worry about going into debt or paying high interest

No credit checks... EVER. Provide a few items on your application and that's all you need to do

Establish great payment history that could help you improve your credit score.

No negative impact on your credit history

The opportunity to own what you rent at the end of or before your rental term expires

Letting you choose the length of your rental on your own terms