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Troy-Bilt self-propelled bagger push mower
Troy-Bilt self-propelled bagger push mower
$20/per week

Rent Brand New Tires
at Great Rates!

Don’t waste your road trip fixing flats!

Tire Rental Bridgestone (small) Tire Rental Kelly's Tires (small) Tire Rental SumicGT (small) Tire Rental Uniroyal (small) Tire Rental Milestar (small) Tire Rental Hercules Tires (small) Tire Rental Mastercraft Tires (small) Tire Rental Firestone (small) Tire Rental Solar (small) Tire Rental Fuzion (small)

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r2o will arrange to have your new tires installed within the next 48 hours

*2 weeks payment required for installation

Whyr2o tires?

Don’t take the risk of buying used. Keep your family safe with brand new tires at affordable rates.

  • Renting is easy, safe, and hassle-free
  • No credit check
  • Low weekly or monthly payments*
  • No debt incurred
  • Professional installation
  • Trusted partners
  • Brand name tires
  • No more used tires
  • 120 days same as cash
  • Own NEW tires in 52 weeks! (most sizes)

*2 weeks payment required for installation

Chevy Malibu: P215/60R16$20/week
Dodge Caravan: 225/65R17$25/week
Ford Focus: P195/65R15$21/week
Chrysler Town & Country: 225/65R17$23/week
Ford Explorer: 235/70R16$20/week
Ford Taurus: P215/60R17$20/week
Dodge Avenger: P215/60R17$25/week
Ford F150: 245/70R15 $22/week
Honda Accord: P215/60R16 $20/week

Real Testimonials from Real People

Jimmy Stone, Wilmington, OH

"They (the tires) are absolutely awesome! I'm so glad that you started this. I have rented here for a long time and never would have thought I could rent tires. I can afford them and they fit my truck perfect"

Edith Lester, Wilmington, OH

“ If you wouldn't have told me about your tire program I would have got used tires because I can’t afford new tires. I love them!”

Mary Pope, Wilmington, OH

“ I can pay less than $100 a month for 4 brand new tires for my little Neon. I don’t have to stop for air anymore!”

Tires Brands For Rent

* Tire brands and models vary by location

  • Tire Rental Bridgestone (big)
  • Tire Rental Kelly Tires (lg)
  • Tire Rental Sumic GT (lg)
  • Tire Rental Uniroyal (lg)
  • Tire Rental Mile Star (lg)
  • Tire Rental Hercules Tires (lg)
  • Tire Rental Mastercraft (lg)
  • Tire Rental Firestone (lg)
  • Tire Rental Solar (lg)
  • Tire Rental Fuzion (lg)
  • Tire Rental Fuzion (lg)

Good tires are critical when it comes to driving safely in your vehicle. The amount of grip your wheels maintain on the road surface is what makes traveling from point A to point B in a timely manner possible. Bald tires are a hazard to all road users, especially on wet or icy roads. This condition also increases the possibility of a blowout.

Wear and tear of tires can be expected on a vehicle that is in constant use. However, you should ensure that the extent of tire wear does not put your vehicle, your life, and the lives of everyone around you at risk.

Since tires are so important, it is necessary for car owners to make this investment on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are many vehicle owners that cannot afford to buy new tires when there is an immediate need for replacement.

Consider Rent-2- Own tire stores as your affordable tire solution. Our tire rental stores rent tires to people who cannot afford that huge outlay of cash at one time. For instance, you can get a new set that is valued at $500 with a small initial payment and a commitment to pay off the remaining amount in the future. Should your tires start to look a little bald or show extreme wear on the sides, but your current circumstances prevent you from replacing them, rent to own tires might be the right choice for you.

The top reason our Rent to Own program is becoming so popular is how quickly you’re able to get new rubber on your vehicle and get rolling again. Other financing options may require credit checks that may present some challenges, but Rent-2-Own offers a hassle-free way for our clients, who are building or rebuilding credit, walk away with the tires they need.

We offer weekly minimum payments over a fixed period of time. However, should your circumstances change, you still have the option to pay off the balance at any time.

When you are light on cash, tire purchases can be the last thing you want to worry about and don’t have to bankrupt you. Our R2O plans make tires available to everyone and will keep you and other drivers safe on the road.