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Adam Crawford
Rent-2-Own, Salem, OH

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Salem 234-567-4350
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Adam Crawford

Store Manager

2348 E. State Street
Salem, OH 44460


Store Hours

10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
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Local Manager, Adam!

Adam Crawford Store Manager – Salem, OH
How long have your worked for Rent-2-Own?

I have worked here since Dec. 23rd, 2015.

Do you have any kids or pets?

I have one daughter (23 yrs old) and 2 sons (19 and 14 yrs old) and 2 dogs

In your free time, what do you like doing?

I enjoy basketball, golf, and hanging with my family.

What was your favorite vacation spot?

So far, my favorite place has been Punta Cana.

If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?

I would want to fly, just seems like it would be soooo fun and probably super useful.

What are 3 words that describe you?

Hardworking, Caring, Loyal

Who do you admire most in the world?

The person I admire most in the world is my Dad, my dad is the hardest working guy I know, he came from nothing and rose to the top of his field, he cares about and takes care of his family above all else, and I’m pretty sure he is the smartest guy on the planet.

What is one goal that you have right now?

One of my biggest goals in life right now is to do everything I can to make sure my middle child finishes college and gets his degree, and to help my youngest decide what he wants to do in life and prepare him to succeed. I just want all of my kids to be happy in whatever they choose to do in life.

Adam Crawford Store Manager – Salem, OH

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