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Tamika Wall
Rent-2-Own, London, OH

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London (740) 852-5606
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Tamika Wall

Store Manager

313 Lafayette St.
London, OH 43140

(740) 852-5606

Store Hours

10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
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Local Manager, Tamika!

Tamika Wall Store Manager – London, OH
How long have your worked for Rent-2-Own?

I have worked here for 17 years

Do you have any kids or pets?

I have 2 cats, 1 dog and a new baby girl.

In your free time, what do you like doing?

I enjoy camping in my camper and bowling in my ladies league.

What was your favorite vacation spot?

I like Myrtle Beach but I would love to visit the Bahamas or even Japan.

Do you have a nickname?

Shamika. My good friends call me that. I’m also known as the r2o Diva!

If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?

I would love to shapeshift. I could be anything I wanted to be at any time.

What are 3 words that describe you?

Extra, passionate, and understanding

Who do you admire most in the world? Why?

My Mom, Sandy. She is strong like her mother was. She is a hard worker and very strong willed. I am 41 and still have the most highest respect for her.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I left my car lights on once at the bowling tournament and had my whole team with me. I parked against a wall and it was really hard for us to find someone with jumper cables. Ugh, what a night.

What is one goal that you have right now?

I’d love to have another baby before I turn 44. Yes, it sounds crazy, but anything is possible and God is good.

Tamika Wall Store Manager – London, OH

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Right here in London, Ohio you can find the easiest way to own nice stuff, by renting from London Rent-2-Own store! Times are tough. Most families have difficulties affording expensive items for their homes. Not just items like computers, televisions, cell phones, and gaming equipment but also items like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and furniture. Items that are necessary in your home. Buying these items at full price upfront just is not an option for most people.

Instead of buying, why not Rent-2-Own? Renting home furnishings, electronics, appliances and other goods is the right path to purchasing any item that is expensive or unaffordable. Our products allow customers a chance to purchase items and make weekly payments. In time, anything that we offer for rent in our London store can be yours forever. We also offer a no risk return policy. If your rental item is no longer affordable for your family, no problem! We at Rent-2-Own understand that financial situations can be unpredictable and we are here to work with you.

At Rent-2-Own in London, our customers come first. Everyone is pre-approved for 120 days same as cash! So your family can take home your items today and own it in just four short months! We don’t run credit checks and never charge interest payments. All payments are simple and easy to understand with no hidden fees. We also offer a rewards program known as The Club. As a member of the club, you are eligible for extended warranties, coupons, rewards, rebates, and much more. We also offer Accident Forgiveness Benefits for products that need repaired or replaced. Becoming a member is simple, all you have to do is be a loyal customer and make your payments on time. We’d love for you to become a member! Stop by our London store and speak with an associate about becoming part of The Club.

Here at Rent-2-Own, we not only love our customers, but we love our stuff! We always carry top named brand furniture, televisions, smart phones, computers, refrigerators, washers and dryers, and many other appliances, electronics, and home goods. Not sure what you’re looking for? We’re here to help! Let us help you in finding the right product that you’ve always wanted.

Next time you’re shopping for your home, stop into our London Rent-2-Own and take a look at all we have to offer! With our loyalty program, named brand offerings, friendly staff, and unbeatable prices, Rent-2-Own is simply the best rental service in Ohio. Stop by our London location, conveniently located just 25 miles from Columbus, in the heart of London, Ohio on Layfayette Road and pick out the next new item for your home and family!
As a reminder, don't forget that we carry rent to own lawn mowers for rental use to assist you in getting a head start on your lawn!

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