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$10.00 pays your first weekon a full set of tires

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*2 weeks payment required for installation

Why r2o tires?

Don’t take the risk of buying used. Keep your family safe with brand new tires at affordable rates.

  • Renting is easy, safe, and hassle-free
  • No credit check
  • Low weekly or monthly payments*
  • No debt incurred
  • Professional installation
  • Trusted partners
  • Brand name tires
  • No more used tires
  • 120 days same as cash
  • Own NEW tires in 52 weeks! (most sizes)

*2 weeks payment required for installation

Chevy Malibu: P215/60R16$19.99/week
Dodge Caravan: 225/65R17$24.99/week
Ford Focus: P195/65R15$20.99/week
Chrysler Town & Country: 225/65R17$22.99/week
Ford Explorer: 235/70R16$19.99/week
Ford Taurus: P215/60R17$19.99/week
Dodge Avenger: P215/60R17$24.99/week
Ford F150: 245/70R15 $21.99/week
Honda Accord: P215/60R16 $19.99/week

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Real Testimonials from Real People

Jimmy Stone, Wilmington, OH

"They (the tires) are absolutely awesome! I'm so glad that you started this. I have rented here for a long time and never would have thought I could rent tires. I can afford them and they fit my truck perfect"

Edith Lester, Wilmington, OH

“ If you wouldn’t have told me about your tire program I would have got used tires because I can’t afford new tires. I love them!”

Mary Pope, Wilmington, OH

“ I can pay less than $100 a month for 4 brand new tires for my little Neon. I don’t have to stop for air anymore!”


* Tire brands and models vary by location