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Troy-Bilt self-propelled bagger push mower
Troy-Bilt self-propelled bagger push mower
$20/per week

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No credit? Bad credit? It doesn't matter when you Rent-2-Own!

Some Rent To Own Customers
Have Not Established Credit Yet.

Some have bad credit. And others simply do not want to use credit at all. For any of these reasons, renting to own is a choice to consider because almost all customers are welcome and approved. There's never a credit check and no need to pay interest. The financial benefits of renting to own are typically what attracts new people to give it a try...

Never needing to worry about going into debt or paying high interest

No credit checks... EVER. Provide a few items on your application and that's all you need to do

Help you establish credit or build your credit ratings

No negative impact on your credit history

The opportunity to own what you rent at the end of or before your rental term expires

Letting you choose the length of your rental on your own terms

How Renting To Own Stacks Up With
Other Payment Options

Brand names, new and in stock
Return products any time without penalty
Flexible payment terms
Won't affect credit rating
Free delivery and set-up
Free repairs
Upgrade to latest technology
Try products before purchasing
No debt incurred

Why Rent-2-Own Is Better

Ordinary Rent To Own Stores Don't Even Come Close!

We work with you to come up with the best payment plan possible.

You can put your worry aside when it comes to credit checks your word is all we need.

Unlike buying from retail stores, you can return the merchandise AT ANY TIME. No-obligation, noquestions asked.

Renting from us is easy, it's safe and it's hassle-free because delivery / pickup, set-up and service are all included in your weekly payments.

Our rental agreements are easy to understand and have nothing to hide. We go over everything up-front. So no surprise fees and no markups.

Rentals can be for one week, two weeks, or a month at a time. We leave the choice up to you!

When you renew your rental a certain number of times, you own the item. No more payments, no more rental fees... it's yours to keep.

If you return your item(s) while still making payments, you can keep your payment history intact with our exclusive Lifetime Reinstatement policy. You can restart at any time towards ownership.

Save big on gently-used rental items that are fixed up and ready to be re-rented at reduced rates.

We'll always get you the best possible rental rates. Shop around and compare with our competitors and you'll see for yourself!