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Do Laundry Better

Clean your clothes the way nature intended. Eliminate detergent and use MORE oxygen during your wash. This will leave your clothes feeling cleaner, fresher, and healthier.

Get cleaner results

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Cleaner Clothes

Clean Clothes

Studies have proven pureWash kills 99.9% of the bacteria & mold that detergent does not eliminate. Activated oxygen infused into the water leaves clothes cleaner, softer & fluffier.

Greater Efficiency

Greater Efficiency

With pureWash, you’ll eliminates detergent & eliminate hot water energy waste by switching to an eco-friendlier cold-water solution. You’ll save hundreds of dollars per year!

Tried & Trusted

Tried & Trusted

Hospitals and hotels around the world have been using pureWash’s technology to reduce costs, lessen pollution, and produce cleaner, more comfortable laundry for over 20 years

Cleaner Results

pureWash Pro cleans clothes with the disinfecting power of oxygen, rather than detergent!

  • Eliminates 99% of Dirt, Bacteria & Mold
  • Eliminates Detergent
  • Mix Light & Dark Clothes
  • Automatically Works With Any Washer
  • Only Needs Cold Water!

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$ 12 .99 per week

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Model #: PWPW2
Weekly Rate: $12.99 | Term: 52 Weeks

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