Rent to Own Furniture

RENT-2-OWN rents furniture to own including rent to own living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. We deliver and set up in your home. We have a wide selection of furniture to rent with no credit check.

Rent to own living room furniture, rent sofa, rent family room, rent recliner

Rent to Own Living Room Furniture

Chill out after a long day and relax with the comfort of your new Living Room furniture, including our popular Catnapper Sofa & Recliner

Rent to own bedroom furniture, rent bed, rent kids furniture, rent mattress

Rent to Own Bedroom Furniture

Looking for a new way to count sheep? With our Progressive Willow Queen bed you’ll get all the ZZZ’s you need for the new day.

Rent to own dining room furniture, rent table, rent chairs, rent dinette set

Rent to Own Dining Furniture

If you’re hungry for something new, sit down around the Dining Room table and enjoy a meal even more with this Signature Design Dinette.

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